Teh watar cooling setup are testering. in teh batroom. (white counters make for easy pink liquid detection)

for the uninitiated my watercooling setup consists of:

Gemini high flow socket A waterblock, from case-mod.com
Via Aqua 1300 pump, also from case-mod.com
91 Ford Escort heater core for radiator, from rockauto.com (I had to get one for my car anyway so I got 2, it's nice and coppery)
tupperware reservoir, from my wife's friend (sorry we didn't give it back misty)
various hoseclamps, fittings, and tubing from home depot.
20:1 mixture of distilled water and Zerex Super Racing Coolant, freebie from the guys at penzoil (thanks Scott!)

here it are:

Teh reservoir and pump:

Teh block and radiator:

Teh whole sheebang:

I expect to have the whole thing installed by later tonight, I'm not too keen on the idea of ripping out my motherboard to do it, but the through the board hardware is all that came with the block (as opposed to the snap in kind that was advertised on case-mod.com and overclockers.com when they did the testing)