I've been puting alot of thought and effort into designing the best watercooling setup for my computer, at the lowest possible price. This page is all the pictures I've taken/drawn in the process (so far).

I'll be using a heater core for a 1991 Ford Escort (the element measures 6" by 7", the barbs are 5/8") with a Via Aqua 1300 pump and a Gemini high flow waterblock. I have the heater core (hint: if you own a ford and have to replace the heater core, sell the car and get a new one, it'll be cheaper and less hassle) and am waiting to be able to get the block and pump. I'll be making my own resivoir for now but want one of the 5 1/4" bay resivoirs.


These were my initial diagrams for how water would flow inside the system. Note I'm only starting with a CPU block (no gpu or northbridge for now) but might add hard drive and gpu blocks in the future. The picture on the right is what I plan on going with, though I've had people say to use 1/2 inch tubing because 5/8 would be too hard to work with.

This is a photo of the inside of my desktop case with the watercooling parts drawn in. I'm not 100% sure how it'll work out but it's better to think these things out on paper ahead of time. (I also realise that the pump draws water in the front and sends it out the top, so this is not completely accurate)